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AFZ Design

AFZ Design is an all around design studio, from A to Z, dynamic, and operating in various design and styling fields, such as industrial design, transportation design and up to web design; be it a furnishing item, an eyeframe, an LED light fixture, or a website we have the experience, competence, and passion to make it be reality.
Besides the creative mentality inherent in the designer's work, AFZ Design assists the customer in solving problems, and tackle the global market challenges with innovative ideas, and poposals with relentless search of excellence.

I servizi di AFZ Design:


  • The briefing
    • The first step in the creation and realization of a product, or website; the comprehension of the customer's needs and requests, and the specs of the project.
  • The concept
    • The initial proposal based on the project specs, for evaluation, and consultaion with the customer for changes, and improvements; usually done thru sketches.
  • The prototype
    • Vital component for evaluation of the original ideas, both abouth purely aesthetic aspect, and the cost and feasibility analysis. Could be a fully working one, or simply a 3D static model.
      The prototype may be realized with different techniques, ranging from traditional tooling to 3D printing.
  • The technical drawing
    • Transforming the ideas into production language using CAD, CAM software.

Design support

  • Search for manufacturers, and suppliers
  • Control and verification over the suppliers to check the projects's specs are met.


  • qualitative, and quantitative analysis
  • Preproduction test.

Other services

  • Name, brand, and logo creation with graphic projects
  • Packaging, expositors, and accessories
  • Restyling of existent products, and/or logos
  • Exposition and fairground stands

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