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  • Light fixtures design
  • Furniture design
    • Tables
    • Sideboards
    • Chairs
    • Sofas
  • Eyeware design
  • Industrial equipment and machinery design
  • Alloy wheels design
  • Door handle design

Industrial Design

Evaluation of production aspects, final use, production and getting ready to market costs is strictly part of the industrial design process, which is not merely limited to the aesthetic component of a product.
A successful product besides beauty, no matter how subjective could this aesthetic evaluation be, is a set of aspects, cultural considerations, habits, preferences, and as mentioned earlier the use of product by the end user of the product itself, combined with the needs, and history of the manufacturer, and supplier of the product itself.
It is the industrial designer's task to finding the synthesis, and the point of encounter between the manufacturer, and his customer.

Anodized aluminum door handle
Aluminum door handle
Alloy wheel
Silk screening machine

Industrial Design

Although in many cases design is used as synonymous of style, and aesthetic aspect of an object, the industrial design is a more articulated, and complex discipline which besides dealing with the style, and final look of a product, deals also with other aspects of the product, like the relation between the product, and its user, its ergonomics, its industrialization, and production methods, as well as costs, processes, and materials; the industrial design aims to find innovative solutions to problems, or simply to improvements of various aspects of an object, be it ergonomics, functionality, production costs, new style, etc.
While mainly geared towards the industry (as the very expression itself includes the term "industrial"), the industrial design may be applied to handicraft, or single custom pieces, since the goal is the design of a product, the same principles are pursued, such as the making of a product with characteristic of ergonomics, aesthetical form, intercation with end user, as well as choice of right materials, and an eye to the production process, and its costs.