Transportation Design

Transportation design is a specialization of industrial design. Designing an automobile, a truck, bus, train, plane, or yacht is like to design different products and items such as consumer goods and aggregating them together, keeping in mind as well the interaction between the means of transport and its user as that between the various components (objects) of the medium itself.
Designing a seat as an industrial designer entails certain challenges, which increase when the seat is to be inserted in a plane, boat, or car, because in addition to the formal and aesthetic, ergonomic of lounge seat there are much more complex aspects, technical constraints, and security factors to be taken into consideration.

transportation design - station wagon car sketch
transportation design - city commuter sketch
transportation design - aerodynamic car sketch

Transportation Design

Knowledge of regulations, laws, and various constraints are critical in the design of an industrial product and so are all the more in transportation design. Given the complex and unique nature of each sector of the transportation we find further specializations or subdivisions in transportation design like naval, aerial, on rubber and on the tracks.
At AFZ Design we are more geared to road transport, however we do not disdain excursions into other disciplines of transportaion.


AFZ Design realizes custom project for your car based on your needs.
Customization can range from simple paint job with special custom color pattern, and graphics, to body modifications, by redesigning front, and rear spoilers, fenders, and other details of the car's body, and extending to the car interiors