Web Design

Websites from A to Z.

Web Design

We create websites, with attention to details, following latest web trends, and tecnologies based on the client's communication needs.
The client will have a website with a custom and dedicated web project addressing his/her needs, be it an informative website with few pages, or an e-commerce website for online sales, b2b or b2c, or yet a blog to connect with own customers, or any other online need AFZ Design has the solution. ... more info

Website SEO

Design and creation of website conforming to XHTML/CSS standards, lightweight, fast, and optimized for search engines.
We start thinking about the aspects, and factors influencing the search engines (Google to name one) positioning from the beginning of the web project.
Search engine optimization (SEO) starts from the beginning of a website design with attention to details, and continues after the website is of public domain, in a dynamic and vital process, it is not an after thought to be added at a second time. ... more info

Web marketing

Like all activities and businesses visibility is vital also for a website.
AFZ Design offers its experience to create together with the client the best way to publicize and make the website and business visible, to get the most out of the investment in the web market.

Web programming

Some websites are relatively simple, and don't require specific functionalities, other websites however do need functionalities peculiar to the customer, hence needing web programming with specific web languages for the task. Among the most common languages we can mention php e javascript.

About AFZ Design

AFZ Design is an all around design studio, from A to Z.
We started as freelance designer after graduation from Art Center College of Deisgn in Pasadena, California, USA, considered the Harvard of design, and we are today's reality, ranging from industrial design to web design, designing consumer products as well as creating web sites.
Specialized in industrial e transportation design, the original passion, and where it all started, with the evolution of communication means, and our innate curiosity for new challenges, frontiers, ideas, and all aspects of design and esthetics, we are now actively involved and passionate in web design and website creation, doing so from the 90's offering to our customers website design, from simple websites consisting of few pages to more complexed websites like e-commerce (electronic commerce) sites, support and assistance portals, or CRM (customer relationship management) portals.

Be it a large consumer goods industry like alloy wheels (Mak), eyeglass frames (Fendi, Bluemarine, Versace, to name a few), industrial machinery (PTC), illumination and lighting (Allum), or a private entity for custom furniture, be it a small business needing a website for e-commerce, or a non-profit organization (bahà'ì faith) needing an informative website. or yet an individual looking to have his/her personal blog or website, AFZ Design puts at their service its experience for the achievement of the set goal thru a relentless pursuit of excellence, and attention to details.

On our online shop e-commerce section you may order our limited production crystal top tables with base made of beech wood, the tablemade of mahogany and ash tree wood, with their coordinated chairs; all are realized by expert Italian craftsmen with state of the art machinery, and technology.

We design, develop, and realize custom projects on request.

Gallery sample of projects

Where We Are

We are right here: the world wide web, www for friends.
We live, and work in a small world, we are world citizens, and earth is our home, and by extension our headquarters. In a world of advanced technologies we can serve, and collaborate with our customers wherever, and for every need.

Doesn't matter if you are in Teheran, Verona, Los Angeles, Bussolengo, New York, Bovolone, Parigi, Cerea, Rio de Janeiro, Modena, Buenos Aires, Milano, Singapore, Legnago, Dakar, San Bonifacio, Nairobi, Vicenza, Sydney, Faenza, Tokio, Padova, Ulaanbaatar, Lecce, Cape Town, Torino, Villafranca, San Salvador, Roma, Negrar, Mantova, Rovigo, Ferrara, or some other city in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America, o Oceania.

Contact us and we will address your needs, and find solutions.

Where we are

AFZ Design offre servizi nella provincia di Verona per aziende, agenzie pubblicitarie, agenzie di comunicazione, web design free lance, privati che hanno necessità di un programmatore php. Operiamo nella provincia di Verona dal 1999 mettendo a disposizione una consolidata esperienza nella programmazione web, qui sotto alcuni servizi offerti:

  • Assistenza alle aziende e piccoli imprenditori
  • Sviluppo applicazioni secondo le reali esigenze del committente
  • Consulenza per aziende di comunicazione o web designer
  • Altri servizi di programamazione utilizzando framework o cms:
    • Programmazione Drupal
    • Programmazione Yii
    • Programmazione Zen Cart
    • Programmazione Wordpress
    • Programmazione Joomla
    • Programmazione Prestashop
    • Programmazione Opencart